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  • Outstanding Rib Roast With Gremolata

    Outstanding Rib Roast With Gremolata

    This roast is great for holiday dinner or really anytime. It also makes for great leftovers so don't think that you necessarily need a huge crowd.

    • Prep Time: 30 minutes
    • Total Time: 4 hours
    • Yield: 8 servings
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

    As butternut squash ripens, the inside turns deep orange and its flavor becomes sweeter and richer. Roasting large chunks, instead of whole halves, gives more tasty caramelized edges from a cranked-up oven.

    • Yield: 3 quarts, 8 to 10 servings
  • Eggplant Muffuletta

    Eggplant Muffuletta

    This is no ordinary muffuletta. Made with oven-roasted eggplant slices instead of salami, a homemade New Orleans-style olive salad, and a fresh basil spread. This muffuletta tastes so good that you won't even miss the meat!

    • Prep Time: 15 minutes, plus time to make the Basil Spread
    • Total Time: 30 minutes
    • Yield: 4 sandwiches
  • Turkey Roulade With Peach And Sage Gravy

    Turkey Roulade With Peach And Sage Gravy

    There is something very special about a roulade—and it’s not as hard as it looks. If you’re in the mood for something different during the holiday season, you may want to try this.

    • Prep Time: 8 hours to overnight for marinade plus 35 minutes
    • Total Time: 1 1/2 hours
    • Yield: 6 to 8 servings
  • Bacon And Herb Roast Turkey Breast

    Bacon And Herb Roast Turkey Breast

    This is a simple and delicious roasted turkey breast packed with flavor. It is perfect for holiday entertaining because it is so quick and easy.

  • Oven Roasted Veggies

    Oven Roasted Veggies

    This is a crowd-pleasing dish you can make for almost any family meal.

    • Yield: 6 servings
    Tags: kids, veggies
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    The sweet and earthy flavor of sweet potatoes really shines through in this simple preparation.

    • Yield: 4 servings
  • Roasted Pepper Ketchup

    The roasted pepper ketchup is a great alternative to your regular, everyday one. Make extra and give them away as gifts! They always make a lovely surprise and your recipients would be enthused to try them.

    • Yield: 1 quart
  • Roasted Vegetable Pecan Relish

    A variety of roasted vegetables and pecans, quickly sauteed in butter. Great as a side dish - Try it with our "Pan Fried Spicy Crab Cakes," or "Oyster Wraps with Caviar."

    • Yield: 10 servings
  • Pork Shoulder

    This is a great basic way to prepare shredded pieces of pork for a variety of other dishes.

    • Yield: About 3 pounds of meat