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Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange And Lemon Zest And Chocolate Covered Pretzels

  • Yield: 6 to 8 servings


  • 1 pound Couverture milk chocolate, chopped
  • 24 small pretzel twists
  • 12 candied oranges
  • 12 candied lemons


  • ffpped chocolate in a water bath until it reaches 115 degrees F, stirring until very smooth. Pour 2/3 of the chocolate on to a marble slab or work surface. With a metal spatula, work the chocolate by spreading it back and forth across the work surface for at least 3 minutes until it is thick and on the point of setting. With a scraper, quickly transfer the chocolate from the marble to the reserved chocolate. Reheat the chocolate in the water bath.
  • The chocolate needs to reach 84 degrees F before dipping. Using the candy dipping fork dip some of the pretzels in the milk chocolate. Allow to dry on a piece of wax paper. Follow the same procedure with the candied oranges and lemons. Let the candy set in the refrigerator.